Project Orange Elephant: Creating Sustainable Livelihoods, Coexistence with Elephants and addressing Climate Change

01. Child of POE

"Breakfast without orange juice is like a day without sunshine." Anita Bryant

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Project Orange Elephant is ensuring a sustainable future for these children

On the morning of Thursday, September 26, 2019 large groups of villagers headed to the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society Field House in Pussellayaya. As the villagers came up the drive way their noses would have been assailed by the invigorating aroma of citrus. By our office 5,000 grafted orange plants were waiting for these villagers. For the upcoming planting season which will begin with the onset of the Northeast Monsoon rains in October, the SLWCS has planned to distribute 7,000 grafted orange plants. The first consignment of 5000 plants was delivered on Tuesday and now the villagers who had signed up for the program had gathered at our Field House to collect their plants.

01. Delivery

Delivering five thousand orange plants

01. Delivery 3
01. Delivery 4
01. Delivery 5

Volunteers helping to unload the orange plants

01. Delivery 6
01. Delivery 7
01. Delivery 8
01. Delivery 9

Five thousand orange plants ready for distribution and planting

One hundred and fifty nine villagers consisting 37 villagers from Weheragalagama, 47 villagers from Pussellayaya, 50 villagers from Dunuvila and 25 villagers from Goviraja Pitiya received 5000 orange plants.

03. POE Villagers
04. POE Villagers
02C. POE 5000 Plants
01. POE 5000 Plants
02. POE 5000 Plants

The POE Crew


Weeding the Orange plants

04A. POE Villagers

It was very interesting to see how the villagers transported their plants: By hand, in wheelbarrows, in huge tractors and Land Master hand tractors hauling trailers, scooters, motorcycles and bicycles, on their shoulders and on their heads. The diversity of rural conveyance systems is pretty varied and unique.

05. Wheelbarrow

Taking plants in a wheelbarrow

07. Tuk Tuk

Loading plants into a Tuk Tuk

09. Land Master

Transporting plants by Land Master hand tractor

09B. Land Master
12. Tractor

Transporting plants by tractor trailer

14D. Volunteers
13. Shoulder

On the shoulder…

11. On Heads

…on heads

10. Scooter

By Scooters…

14. Glorious

…even in Glorious

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By Bicycle…

08 By Hand

…and by hand

Little children apparently found the entire event very enjoyable—especially helping their parents to select plants and loading them into the various conveyances they had traveled by to the event. It was great to have children attending the plant distribution since it is important from very early on to inculcate in them how important it is to become good stewards for the environment. This is a role the SLWCS takes very seriously—educating and creating awareness in children about protecting the environment, conserving wildlife, addressing climate change and living sustainably.

20190926 121609
20190926 121621
20190926 121622
20190926 121614

The Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society very warmly and gratefully acknowledges the financial support received from The Intrepid Foundation of Australia, The Sea of Change Foundation of the USA and EleBalance, Inc., of the USA to the Project Orange Elephant. Their support is helping POE to continue to make a difference in the lives of farmers, elephants and the environment in Wasgamuwa, Sri Lanka.

Vincent Van Gogh is said to have proclaimed there would be no blue without orange. For the people and elephants of Wasgamuwa there would be no coexistence without oranges.

Copy of LOGO ORANGE Very Final

Big, rumbling thanks to our Corporate Partners for their kind support and to everyone who has donated and supported our wildlife conservation efforts!

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Chinthaka Weerasinghe/SLWCS
Alicia Chadwick/SLWCS

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