“Before the EleFriendly Bus, when elephants were present in the Corridor the children would miss school, or their parents would resort to violent means such as shooting elephants to ensure the safety of their children and themselves.” Ravi Corea, SLWCS

IMG 2286

A herd feeds peacefully as the EleBus approaches

January 16th 2020. The children traveling early morning to school in the EleBus had come upon an astounding sight, two jungle giants tussling to assert dominancy. Both bulls were in musth and in a belligerent mood. In the not too distant past before the SLWCS established the EleFriendly Bus, in a similar situation these children would have had to miss school, or their parents would have had to use thunder flashes or even resort to violent means such as shooting the elephants to ensure the safety of their children and themselves.

On this day the children had a grandstand view from the safety of the EleBus to observe these two male elephants engaged in combat to affirm who is stronger and bigger.

IMG 1649

Parents, Children and a dog waiting for the EleBus

IMG 1640
IMG 1652

IMG 1666

The EleBus plying through the Elephant Corridor

The rumble between the two bulls continued throughout the day and they were still going at it by the time the children returned home from school and our volunteers arrived at the Elephant Corridor at 3 pm.

The bulls charged at each other, scuffled and pushed for a while and then broke off and expressed agonistic behaviors such as walking parallel to each other with their heads and bodies held high. One bull had claimed the road while the other paraded alongside it on the other side of the ditch.


The two bulls facing each other…


IMG 6874

…and then lunge at each other.

IMG 6877

push and shove…

IMG 6868

break off for a short time…

IMG 6869

IMG 6876

…and then go at it again.

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Volunteers have a grandstand view of the two bulls

IMG 6928

Exude from the temporal glands…

IMG 6938

…stains the cheeks of both bulls

IMG 6931

One bull during the lull in fighting sulks besides a tree

While the two rambunctious bulls went about trying to impress each other a family herd of elephants with several juveniles arrived and fed nearby. The herd completely ignored the two cantankerous males.


IMG 6995

The herd fed unperturbed by the fighting bulls

IMG 2258

The elephants seems to know the bus was EleFriendly…

This is was the situation when we arrived at the Tree Hut Elephant Corridor. The bull on the road immediately approached the vehicle with quick strides and his intentions were very clear. When we admonished it, he turned around and headed quickly towards the vehicles where the SLWCS staff and volunteers were recording the behaviors of the two bulls. Since the people on either end would not give into his intimidation the bull crossed the ditch and joined its rival and wondered off into the forest without engaging in further fighting.

Life is never boring in Wasgamuwa.

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One bull had staked the road as his fighting corner


Advancing to evict the new intruders…

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IMG 6896

SLWCS Staff keep an eye on the two bulls

IMG 6923

IMG 6924

The bull is made to understand to keep away from SLWCS staff, volunteers and vehicles


Decides to leave peacefully.

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Big, rumbling thanks to our Corporate Partners for their kind support and to everyone who has donated and supported our wildlife conservation efforts!

Photo Credits:

Chandima Fernando/SLWCS
Rosemary Kimble/SLWCS Volunteer
Indika Sampath/SLWCS
Ravi Corea/SLWCS

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